Having first come in touch with photography about 15 years ago, I quickly discovered the camera to be a medium that told me more about myself than I could ever conclude through excessive self-debates during early teenage years.
Whilst the theme of self-reflection always remained my predominant motive throughout the years, I evolved to focus more and more on analysing the world around me, to see what lays beneath its apparent superficiality. If it is walking through abandoned buildings in the former GDR, that suddenly came back to life through photography, or encountering the most diverse cultures and people – Photography followed, and many times lead this emotional journey. 
After having finished my studies of the BA (HONS) Photography at the Arts University Bournemouth in England in 2017, I am now looking forward to taking my passion to the next level, carry on travelling and share my impressions in forms of books and exhibitions.
I welcome you to my website and hope that you can find the same pleasure in my photography, which I feel each time I pick up my camera to continue to explore the world. If you would like to know more about me and my practice or wish to own a physical copy of my images or books, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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‘Tobias is an example of extraordinary talent and determination when it comes to generating creative ideas. Throughout years, "The Big T" has been leaving an imprint behind him, by doing what he truly loves - photography.'
- Kristina Rudenko