The 'Nomansland'-project is comprised of close to 600 images (2020), which were taken over the course of the last 5 years. The 'Nomansland'-exhibition aimed to showcase a brief yet comprehensive insight into the ongoing project. Also for the first time, images from all three chapters of ‘Nomansland’, namely ‘Nomansland’ (2016-2017), ‘Return to Nomansland’ (2018-2019) as well as ‘In the Absence of God’ (2019-2020) were shown as one, unified project.
Special thanks to the team of JAM Bangkok for the opportunity to exhibit the 'Nomansland' - series as well as to the many people who helped me make this show possible. Additional thanks goes out to a variety of news agencies who reported about the show, namely the Bangkok Post, Khaosod English, Time Out, Bangkok Haps and BK Magazine as well as J.D. Strange for his Interview (see articles/videos below).

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