Solo-exhibition of my latest projects ‘Return to Nomansland’ and ‘ONE’ at Schiller River Club, Saigon (HCMC), Vietnam.
'Return to Nomansland' presents the next chapter of my ongoing 'Nomansland'-project. The project, which initially started in 2016 and which was first introduced through the 'Nomansland'-book in 2017, describes an emotional journey of constant self-reflection. First inspired by portraying feelings of depression through photography, 'Nomansland' evolved to question the contradictory association of nudity in society in general; the body, either seen as sexualised commodity of the visual gaze or socially disdained subject of silence and shame. 'Return to Nomansland' continues to focus on the topics of self-exploration and re-evaluation and portrays the many people with whom I was able to share these experiences with. The exhibition showed an image cluster of 150 images (4.5x3.3m) as well as 3 individually framed A1 Images of the ‘Return to Nomansland’ - project.
'ONE' is ongoing project that has been started in mid 2018. Inspired by a series of experiments towards the 'Nomansland' - Project, the purpose of ONE is to further explore the relation of the photograph and the person portrayed as one, physically combined unit. This aim is accomplished by a series of handmade processes involving a variety of body fluids as well as several techniques of analog, experimental photography-processes. The exhibition of ‘ONE’ showed an image cluster of 40 images (4.5x1m), 4 images sized 250x50cm, 4 Images in handmade custom circular frames (1x88cm⌀, 3x44cm⌀) as well as a selection of originals in a viewing cabinet. 
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