In the Absence of God presents the third chapter of the Nomansland-series. The Nomansland project was started in 2016 and initially inspired by motives of self-reflection towards overcoming mental health issues. In the Absence of God focusses more closely on the research and portrayal of personal trauma, caused by the codependent vicious circle of prejudice of social constructions such as countries, culture and religion. Constantly craving for the approval and love of others or greater beings, with very little work being done towards prioritising loving oneself and understanding oneself independently first, makes the answer of the question ‘Why do I feel incomplete?’ rather apparent. The project photographically explores the first step towards exploring and overcoming one’s own trauma by portraying ‘good and bad’ as equal concepts; trauma as part of everyone’s identity. The concepts of trauma and cultural codependency will be further elaborated in my upcoming ‘The Trauma of Society’ - Thesis.
- Limited edition Zine (40 Copies, signed and numbered), presenting a small selection of photographs from the 
'In the Absence of God' - exhibitions (Saigon, Vietnam, 2019). 
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